Tradition dictates that an artist provides the public their bio – a written account of their credentials, proof almost that they are worthy of the public’s time and praise. But this artist’s work speaks for him, not only because of its technical skill, but because that is what he has created it to do. This artist creates paintings to be orators of his time – speaking of love, pain, joy, passion, pursuit, pride, chaos, and elusive peace.


He has technical skill.  He has been painting since his father introduced him to painting at five and to the joy of plein air painting at seven. He possesses the knowledge only acquired by a painter who knew in the fourth grade that he would always be an artist. He has the credentials. He studied at the California College of the Arts. But colleges can teach only what can be taught – not what inspires.  College can teach doctors to treat, but no institution can inspire healers to heal.  It is from that mystical realm of inspiration that Philip Vasquez nurtures his work into existence to speak.


Step into his work. Lean in. Stay there. Feel it. Be it.